About Us


About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best Amazon repricer on the market, not only today but every day.

To be innovative...

To be solutions focused...

And to be always leading the way!

We are 100% committed to our mission and the reason we KNOW we will succeed in that endeavour?

Is because we are DIFFERENT!

We aren’t a bunch of SAAS developers in it for the money

We aren’t a bunch of business people seeing an opportunity


Every single one of our team has sold on Amazon in the past

Every single one of our team knows the difference between a good and a GREAT repricer

And every single one of our team have wished X repricer did this or Y repricer did that!

We are instead a bunch of SAAS developers who KNOW what you need


Profit Protector Pro is a repricer built for Amazon Sellers BY Amazon Sellers

And that makes us unique!

Matthew Webley


Karen Hutson


Hollie Pebbles

Director of Operations

Becky George

Customer Support Manager

Ana May

Customer Support Supervisor

Kayleigh Marie

Executive Assistant & Project Coordinator

Emmanuel Smith

Customer Services Assistant

Khris Ramsey

Affiliate Recruitment & Customer Services Assistant

Karl Williams

Customer Services Assistant

Matt Connolly

Customer Services Assistant

Deo Black

Customer Services Assistant


Senior and Lead Developer


Junior Developer


iOS Mobile Developer


Android Mobile Developer


Mobile Design and UI

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