Most Amazon Repricers Tank Your Prices And Your Profits. ProfitProtectorPro Increases Your Profits & Speeds Up Your Sales.

With Our Unique AI Repricing Strategies That Aggressively Pursue The Buy Box 24/7 And Then Increase Your Selling Price When We Have It!


ProfitProtectorPro repricer works tirelessly to sell your inventory for MAXIMUM profit as FAST as possible...

24 hours a day to INCREASE your ROI per unit AND your sales velocity...

Whilst avoiding the ‘race to the bottom’ & reducing the MISERY caused by “penny under” Amazon sellers decimating your margins... ProfitProtectorPro helps you… Sell for MORE PROFIT! Increase the SPEED of your SALES! And SCALE your BUSINESS!

ProfitProtectorPro Mobile

  • 12 ADVANCED AI REPRICING STRATEGIES: Speedier sales! Increased ROI!
  • ON-PAGE AMAZON REPRICING CHROME EXTENSION: Repricing from the Amazon product listing page - Massive time saver!
  • FREE MOBILE iOS & ANDROID APP INCLUDED: Change your mins, maxes and strategies anywhere you go, super fast & convenient!
  • MULTIPLE MARKETPLACE REPRICING FOR FREE: PPP will reprice in multiple marketplaces 24/7! No extra charge! Set your mins & maxes faster and easier with less clicks!
  • UNIQUE ‘PROFIT CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY’: Up the price goes (… and your profits!)
  • CLEAN EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE: Everything ‘feels right’ and just works! - Easy & faster to use!
  • PENNY UNDER REPRICING ‘TRAPS’: PPP is a penny under sellers worst nightmare!

Now you can END the MISERY associated with constantly CRASHING prices and bring profit back to your Amazon based business!

Make more SALES, for more PROFIT - FASTER!

  • FULL REPRICING ANALYSIS: Just the important information you need to make good decisions!
  • SALES ANALYSIS CHARTS: Full sales trends data!
  • AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM: Friendly & competant support that aim to get back to you fast!
  • MADE BY AMAZON SELLERS FOR AMAZON SELLERS: ‘In the trenches’ knowledge of selling on Amazon that you benefit from!
  • REGULAR UPGRADES AND UPDATES FOR FREE: Plus your price is grandfathered for life - Never pay more!
  • PPP FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY: Join our thriving free facebook group community
  • And much much more…

ProfitProtectorPro Mobile

£212 Million+

Sales through ProfitProtectorPro


Sales achieved above the buy box


Average increase in profits


Average increase in speed of sales

Profit Protector Pro has boosted client profits
over the buy box by £9,687,423.85 since 2 May 2020!

Watch ProfitProtectorPro In Action...


See our walkthrough video.

Let us show you some of the main features of ProfitProtectorPro and how it can help you scale your Amazon business.

Video ...

ProfitProtectorPro has 12 unique advanced algothrymic repricing strategies that aggressively pursue the buy box and skyrocket the sales price for higher profits more consistently...

Gone are the days of penny profits with manual repricing or basic strategies - ProfitProtectorPro will help you SCALE your business on Auto-pilot!

ProfitProtectorPro Desktop

World's 1st: ProfitProtectorPro Chrome Extension
FASTER repricing in HALF the time!

Now, you can add your ASIN's to PPP in advance of listing them in seller central directly from the amazon product listing page, including MIN PRICES, MAX PRICES and REPRICING STRATEGY...

ProfitProtectorPro Chrome Extension

Which means your sourcing is faster and more streamlined and you can setup your repricer at the moment you do your sourcing NOT after... No more waiting only having to spend TWICE the time doing one task when your product lands with Amazon!

So your automated repricing is waiting to go... Ready to automatically reprice as soon as it goes live in your seller central - getting you more sales sooner, for more profit!

Profit Protector Pro - The World’s 1st Ever Mobile Amazon Repricing App For Apple iOS & Android phones - NEW!

Now you can change your minimum and maximum prices and change your repricing strategies whilst you’re on the move, anywhere you go, 24/7.

Full control over your Amazon selling prices in the bedroom, boardroom or the beach.

Our dedicated app will give you a level of control never seen before in any repricing software in the palm of your hand.

No more pinching and zooming mobile browsers frustratingly trying to make simple changes, our native apps give you great functionality wherever you are.

FREE and included with every ProfitProtectorPro subscription!

ProfitProtectorPro Chrome Extension

ProfitProtectorPro uses fully-automated, artificial intelligence based algorithmic repricing strategies that run rings around the competition!

Simply select your desired repricing strategy, and PPP will set to work to get you the BEST price, and the most Amazon Buy Box time!

Step 1 - More Sales

PPP will focus on getting you MAXIMUM sell time by aggressively pursuing the Buy Box within your specified minimum and maximums using UNIQUE, intelligent strategies NO other repricer in the world has…

…but then when we have the Buy Box on your behalf, our job is only HALF done!

Step 2 - More Profits

ProfitProtectorPro will do EVERYTHING it can to algorithmically INCREASE the sell price, meaning you make MORE money per sale on every sale - without you having to lift a finger!

How's ProfitProtectorPro Different To Other Repricers?

Too many repricers focus on getting you the Amazon Buy Box at ANY COST... Even If You LOSE Money!

At ProfitProtectorPro we believe that you didn’t get into business JUST to make sales, and as the saying goes, TURNOVER is VANITY and PROFIT is SANITY!

ALL of our UNIQUE A.I. based strategies will focus on TWO things.

More Sales. More profits.

So, most repricers TALK a good game, but when it comes down to it, they are SIMPLISTIC at best.

They DROP your price, penny by penny, UNTIL THERE IS NO PROFIT LEFT!

They aren’t smart. They aren’t clever.

Yes, you MIGHT get the sale, but you TANKED the listing!

And it shocks us to see how little some very well established repricers that have been around for YEARS, actually DEFAULT to ‘penny under repricing’.

This just SUCKS the profit out of your deals for a temporary dopamine boost of ‘getting the sale’ before it comes time to doing your accounts and you realize, THERE’S NO PROFIT LEFT!

ProfitProtectorPro is different. We are ALWAYS looking to INCREASE your sell price, 24/7, day and night!

But not only that, due to the way we have built ProfitProtectorPro, oftentimes...

PPP is able to get the sale at a price MUCH HIGHER than your competition EVEN IF THEY STILL HAVE THE BUY BOX!

We hear reports from our users and see the data, PPP means on average, products sell for HIGHER prices and MORE profits than any of the established repricer competition that are asleep at the wheel.

Let’s walk you through the main ProfitProtectorPro repricing strategies and when to use them (…although this is not an exhaustive list, we are ALWAYS adding more!)

Artificial Intelligence Repricing Strategies

Aggressive Sales Generator

The Aggressive Sales Generator really is just that - very aggressive and it will undercut other sellers where necessary in its pursuit of the buy box.

This strategy is ideal if you wish to dump stock quickly or on listings where Amazon are selling and they don’t like to share the buy box - this will often take it from Amazon themselves!

You will very likely give up profit in return for speed of sales.

This is an AI strategy.


Balanced Sales Accumulator

The Balanced Sales Accumulator is still pretty aggressive in pursuit of the buy box and will favor sales over your profit.

Having said that, unlike the Aggressive Sales Generator, this strategy will work a little harder on increasing your profits and will match the buy box where it can.

This strategy is ideal for super quick sales but some profit will be scarified.

This is an AI strategy.


Cautious Sales Enhancer

This strategy is also sales focused and is therefore still a little aggressive but it is also a little more cautious in its approach than the other two sales focused strategies and will work harder to increase your profit.

If you like to share the buy box but have an edge, this is probably the right strategy for you as it is ideal for fairly quick sales with the possibility of selling higher than the buy box too when it is driving up that profit!

This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


Dynamic Profit Builder

This strategy is a profit builder and has a more passive approach favoring a match buy box game plan whilst working hard to increase your profits.

This is the strategy which will most likely see you get sales OVER the price of the buy box!

This strategy is ideal for sellers looking to balance sales and profit.

This is an AI strategy.


Hybrid Profit Harvester

The Hybrid Profit Harvester will match the buy box assuming that is within your minimum and maximum settings, and will then rapidly work to increase the price.

This strategy is ideal for sellers looking to maximize profits.

This is an AI strategy.


Passive Profit Maximizer

The Passive Profit Maximizer is very profit focused so will likely spend a lot of time sitting a little above the buy box price and may be chosen when other sellers are likely to sell out soon to gain maximum profit.

This strategy really does do exactly what it says - it is gently passive in its pursuit of the buy box and is 100% a profit maximizer!

This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


This is an AI strategy.


But there's even more repricing strategies...

These are just SOME of our AI repricing strategies… We have many more AI and non-AI strategies including:

MATCH buy box: non-AI strategy
Penny UNDER buy box: non-AI strategy
Penny OVER buy box: non-AI strategy
Match LOW price: non-AI strategy
Penny UNDER low price: non-AI strategy
1% under low price: non-AI strategy
Match low FBA price: non-AI strategy
Match low MF price: non-AI strategy
Used books/goods AI algorithmic strategy: IS an AI strategy
Merchant fulfilled dynamic profit builder: IS an AI strategy
Merchant fulfilled cautious sales enhancer: IS an AI strategy
Merchant fulfilled balanced sales accumulator: IS an AI strategy
And many more…

Our advice is to ALWAYS use one of our AI repricing strategies within ProfitProtectorPro whenever possible…

The difference you will see in your SELL prices and more importantly your PROFITS… is like NIGHT and DAY!

NO other repricer in the WORLD has these repricing strategies built-in and NONE of them can replicate them!

MOST repricers use very simple ‘rules’ to change your prices.

We INCLUDE those ‘simple’ rules but…

9 times out of 10, our A.I. based strategies will DOMINATE the simplistic and old fashioned rules most repricers rely on!

Please DO NOT BE MISTAKEN… if this seems complicated, it’s NOT!

We have designed PPP from the ground up to appear SIMPLE, EASY & INTUITIVE to use, so some may mistake the ease of use with lack of power.

We have some of the MOST advanced strategies in the world you will find in ANY repricing product, at ANY price… But we make them EASY to use.

You simply set it, and forget it and let PPP do the hard work FOR you - tirelessly getting the MOST profit and the most SALES possible - even whilst you’re asleep, without you having to watch ANYTHING or change ANY prices!

The members who get the BEST results, let PPP do the hard work and don’t micro-manage it.

The BEST approach is choose a COMFORTABLE min and max that you be HAPPY to sell at, select an AI strategy and then FORGET it, we’ll do our best to sell your stock FAST and with PROFIT!

ProfitProtectorPro Features

12 Advanced AI repricing strategies (best in class)

We have 12 unique proprietary strategies that effectively ‘run rings’ around other repricers and our users continually tell us, with PPP they sell for MORE as they aggressively pursue the buy box, and once they have it, increase the price! NO other repricer in the world has these strategies! - FASTER SALES! MORE PROFIT!

On Amazon page repricing with the PPP Chrome Extension

ProfitProtectorPro is the 1st repricer in the world to enable you to reprice FROM the Amazon product listing page! Which means you can set strategies and your mins and maxes without even logging in to our dashboard - HUGE TIME SAVER!

Fully integrated with BuyBotPro

BBP is the world’s 1st and BEST fully automated deal analysis tool for online arbitragers, retail arbitragers and wholesale sellers. PPP is FULLY integrated which means you can get EXACT costs including Amazon fees and taxes to allow PROPER net profit repricing! - Finally know EXACTLY how much profit is in your deal and where you can set your mins! - ACTUAL NET PROFIT REPRICING!

Multiple marketplace repricing from one screen

We were SHOCKED when we saw how other repricers made you jump from one screen to another to reprice the same product in different marketplaces like in the EU. Now, with PPP you can reprice from ONE screen with less clicks speeding up your workflow! - FAST REPRICING IN UK, EU & NORTH AMERICAN MARKETPLACES!

Unique Buy Box 'Profit Climbing Technology'

The ONLY repricer in the world that contains this ‘one of a kind’ coding that is able to CONSISTENTLY get reports of users telling us it is able to sell for MORE than the current BUY BOX! PPP is focused on PROFIT, not JUST sales which means when it grabs that buy box, it doesn’t just rest on its laurels - UP THE PRICE GOES (...AND YOUR PROFITS!)

Made by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers

Unlike other software companies that JUST build software - we KNOW what it takes to build a successful business on Amazon as having been Amazon sellers ourselves and have built ProfitProtectorPro from the ground up FOR you! - ‘IN THE TRENCHES’ KNOWLEDGE OF SELLING ON AMAZON AND WHAT YOU NEED!

Consistent and regular free upgrades

Unlike some companies, we are NOT asleep at the wheel, we are constantly EVOLVING and IMPROVING PPP based on YOUR feedback and what YOU want! And all of those improvements get added into the software at no extra cost on an ongoing basis! - MORE FEATURES BUT YOU NEVER PAY MORE!

Penny under repricing 'traps'

Our unique focus on ACTUAL PROFITS over ‘vanity-led, profitless sales’ has meant we have created special coding strategies to FIGHT penny under repricers, WITHOUT JOINING THEM! We know your business only grows with PROFITS not just SALES, so we do our best to help you AVOID the penny under wars where possible and SOAR your profits on every ASIN! - PENNY UNDER SELLERS WORST NIGHTMARE - MORE PROFIT FOR YOU!

Full repricing analysis

We know to run your business profitably, you need all the most IMPORTANT data at your finger tips, in a useable, easy to understand format that allows you to make decisions! Our analysis tab cuts the fluff and filler and visually shows you exactly what you need to run your business - JUST THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU NEED AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

Sleep mode for maximum ROI

You can set your listings to go MAX price every night time when sales are slowest which aims to maximize ROI as other 'intelligent' repricers reprice upwards with you - INCREASE ROI WHILST YOUR CUSTOMERS SLEEP

Visual sales analysis charts

See how your sales are doing within PPP analysis dashboard itself, quickly and easily to track sales trends over time and help you with your repricing strategies - VISUAL SALES TRENDS DATA!

Intuitive, clean & modern design

Means you have to CLICK less to DO more. Everything just ‘feels right’ and is intuitive so PPP doesn’t get in the way of the way you work, it helps you reprice - FASTER and SMARTER! - EASY & FASTER TO USE!

Multiple marketplaces included for free

Sell in Europe? GREAT! Unlike others, we don’t charge extra! Which means you get the BEST price for multiple marketplace repricing and one page makes that super simple! - SAVE MONEY - GREAT VALUE!

Free facebook group community

Learn tips, tricks and share your journey with others just like you in our FREE PPP community! - SHARE YOUR JOURNEY WITH OTHERS LIKE YOU AND GROW TOGETHER ON THE PPP PLATFORM!

Great support team

Effective, friendly and helpful support to aid you in building your business with ProfitProtectorPro - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE TO FIGURE THINGS OUT, LET US HELP!

Includes The World’s 1st & Only Repricing Chrome Extension - For Fast, Easy & Accurate Repricing From The Amazon Product Page!

Make ALL of your repricing and strategy decisions at the PERFECT time… the moment you buy without ever logging into the dashboard! (...Meaning no more extra analysis when the product lands with Amazon)

ProfitProtectorPro Chrome Extension

Now with the ProfitProtectorPro repricing Chrome extension, repricing is so much simpler, faster & more effective!

Once you’ve made your purchase, simply enter your mins, maxes and choose your repricing strategies and...

ProfitProtectorPro is READY to start repricing within minutes of your stock landing in Amazon

All of the supported marketplaces are included from one easy to use Chrome extension so you can reprice in your usual market, across Europe and the rest of the world all from one place.

United States of America
United Kingdom

Fully integrated with

BuyBotPro will enter your break even and cost price automatically into PPP.

Read what others have to say...


"...I have to say this is the first repricer I have used (and won't be changing) and my sales have gone through the roof!!"

Luke H


"All good, it just needed some time and WOW! First sale way above buy box! This is incredible!"

Radoslava Z


"I've been using this software for a few months and it is quite simply excellent. The best move I ever made was signing up for this. I have no idea how it works or what actual algorithms are used but I have had brilliant results with this from the outset. It will maximise profits in all situations through the use of several settings, not just the usual ones. On a regular basis it will generate sales well above the buy box, sometimes several pounds above, so that this software will pay for itself in no time! When used in conjunction with OAD and BBP it makes the whole process of sourcing and repricing so much easier. If you aren't using this already, what on earth are you thinking?"

Russell H


"I signed up to ProfitProtectorPro the day it launched at the OA summit in April. Since then it’s been getting better and better and I know it wont be long before other repricer owners see sharp declines in their members. There is one particular thing about PPP though, something very special indeed that I’ve never seen a repricer do! There’s a strategy called balanced profit accumulator and let me tell you, this thing is MAGIC!! I sell one of my products at £13.00 then a few hours later… boom… the price goes up and I sell again at £15! How did it do it, I don’t know but what an algo!"

Chris E


"…I have sold around 11 this week ranging between £9.60 (mostly) and £9.99 per sale. Last time we hit over £14 but this morning, just after 1:30am, I sold the item (well PPP did) for my maximum price I set it for… £19.99 WOW. HOW INSANE IS THAT? Why? Well there are five FBA sellers that are eligible for the Buy Box ahead of me! Love it Xxx"

Paul H


"PPP will pay for itself in no time. In several instances per month it will generate a sale when your price is nowhere near the BB. I have no idea what the algorithm actually does but it will frequently ‘pinch’ a few quid above your minimum even when competitors are priced lower. Just set your min and max and let it do its thing"



"I can speak on behalf of the UK that PPP is bloody brilliant. I turned it on for the first time using mostly the "Cautious Profit Maximiser" setting and I’ve had my best 2 days sales in August. I think I might run out of stock soon"

Christos Fellas


"I absolutely agree, I have been scared to use a repricer but this one is easy to use and understand what you are doing. My sales have increased and by the way love the colours used. X"

Carolyn G


"I had a product on cautious settings that I was selling at £28 and ppp raised the price to £35 and old 2 units, pretty impressive, pays for itself"

Daniel C


"I love PPP. I was liquidating some products and Amazon wont even give me the buybox so I used the aggressive strategy and BOOM"

Ann G


"Went to check on amazon seller and while setting up had sold 5 items last night and already sold another 5 today. Yes I’m not into mega selling like some but very pleased, especially as several of these were at a higher price than I had originally listed them at only a day ago"

Elizabeth B


"I have just had a sale of an item I added yesterday at £11.50 above the prime buy box price and there are 4 other prime sellers priced significantly lower than me so I don’t know how it happened"

Mandy W


"I was selling something at £44.90, Amazon is at £44.99 I believe. Today I wake up to a sale at £59.99! Which is awesome! This is on balanced strategy I think. Super pleased thanks guys!"

Noha S


"I agree with Chris - I’ve had an item selling regular for £34.99 and this morning 2 sales at £39.45 as the other seller had sold out and PPP upped the price until it met the next higher seller"

Simon H


"What I really love about it is that I cab sell something today for £9.99 and tomorrow sell the same item for £10.48. I don’t think I could live without it now"

Jonathan H


"PPP doing a great job on one of my listings, pushed other seller down to sell at £24, now they’re sold out and mine are selling nicely at £32.99. This is using the cautious strategy."

Richard H


"Love PPP, sent 4 items in to Amazon, first one sold at £12.99, next 3 sold at £19.99. Couldn’t have done that without PPP. Love it."



"Great work guys - looking forward to the rest of the journey. No doubt it has increased my Arbitrage Profits."

Andy G


"What I love, is that ppp seems far faster than [competitor], so with [competitor] if you had your prices lowered, it would take 24 hours or so to ever go up, so you couldn’t increase your price in the day to get a higher sales value that day. So ppp is lowering then raising far better. It also seems to be getting me the buy box more, probably as its slightly more aggressive than the [competitor] version … It also seemed to once be aggressive against Amazon themselves (where they don’t share the bb or 99% don’t) where I had 5 items 4 months old sitting there. No sales. Then sold all of them in a day for £29.99 when I checked. Amazon were in the BB at £19.99."

Luke Dugan


"This morning I was amazed- one of my item which was a good seller for last 2 months wasnt selling for past week as some other fba seller jumped in on my breakeven price and I didn’t wanted to lower my price. Now they are still there and I sold my item for 39.99 instead of 32.50. (Just to check PPP I did put 39.99 in my max price last night where other fba sellers are selling the same for 27.50)- don’t know how it managed to do it cause its a book and they don’t even have a buybox."

Tehreem T


"PROFIT PROTECTOR PRO you are killing it! This morning I sold a product for £35.95 which is a MASSIVE £10.98 over the buy box! Its not the first time its happened since using PPP but certainly didn’t happen before PPP, our algos are GOLD!!!! Q4 just got a whole load more PROFITABLE!!"

Natalie S


"ProfitProtectorPro has made selling on Amazon a lot easier by taking care of pricing for me. It keeps my pricing competitive while making sure I stay within my pre-determined profit range. It is one of the indispensable tools for your Amazon business without a doubt."

Giang N


"I love any software that saves me time and makes money. There's not many repricers I haven't tried. Some have been okay and some terrible. Then along came ProfitProtectorPro. I already had BuyBotPro from the same team and knowing how brilliant it is, had no hesitation in signing up as a BETA tester for PPP. This was the best move I made this year. It has saved me countless hours and the pricing strategies have proved little short of remarkable. If you're serious about your business just get it."

John Stevinson


"Most repricers are just a race to the bottom with everyone just undercutting one another, but this software is different. The algorithms involved will work in your favor to also push the price up and get you more return on your investment. I've actually had products sell for 5 or 6 pounds more than my actual Amazon selling price. This is all because of the power that is built into ProfitProtectorPro. "

Rob C


"Great work guys we got a sale earlier £4 above the buy box price"

Matthew B


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So, what are YOU waiting for? Sign up for your free trial today!

ProfitProtectorPro will get you more sales, more profit and faster! We have Smart Strategies with clever algorithms that secure you sales often pushing your price way higher than the buy box. With instant repricing, an on page Chrome Extension, helpful charts and data, along with our awesome support team, why wouldn’t you want ProfitProtectorPro!

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be directed to a thank you page with instructions and videos to get you set up - 3 steps and you’re done!

Absolutely! ProfitProtectorPro offers a fantastic 14-day free trial that gives you access to all of its awesome features. It's like a test drive for your business, allowing you to see firsthand if ProfitProtectorPro is the perfect fit for you. During this trial period, you can dive into all the functionalities and see how they work their magic for your business. It's a risk-free opportunity to explore and decide if ProfitProtectorPro is the right tool to boost your profits. So why not give it a spin? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our clever AI strategies are unique as they are designed by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers. See, ProfitProtectorPro wasn’t developed by SAAS developers - it was developed by Amazon Sellers turned SAAS developers! No-one knows what makes better Amazon software for sellers, than an Amazon seller!

Yes absolutely! You have total flexibility to choose exactly what suits you best for every ASIN.

You can access our free online arbitrage course by clicking here and we also have full video training for PPP available when you signup.

100% because our Smart Strategies are designed to do just that. Use ProfitProtectorPro and watch your profits increase in front of your eyes!

Yes of course. You’re not tied into any contract and unless you have chosen to pay for an annual subscription, you can leave at the end of any paid up month. Just cancel your subscription a few days before renewal or email us and we will do it for you.

Why would you want to?! ProfitProtectorPro does everything you need but yes, you can use another repricer as long as you ensure that both aren’t working on the same ASIN or they will be fighting each other and you’ll likely sell for less profit.

Yes! ProfitProtectorPro works with all Amazon categories.

Yes! We have a special AI strategy that works great for used goods.

Sure you can. You just need to log into your Zoho account and you have the flexibility to change payment methods as necessary.

Absolutely - BuyBotPro is integrated with ProfitProtectorPro for clients that have both meaning you can reprice your products at the point of deal analysis making it a simple quick process with BuyBotPro adding data like Buy Price and Break Even so you don’t have to!

Yes you can! Add your products to ProfitProtectorPro via the chrome extension or BuyBotPro Widget and your repricing will start as soon as they go live on Amazon!

Once signed up, you’ll be taken to a page that takes you through the process one step at a time and you’ll be quickly set up and ready to go.

ProfitProtectorPro currently supports the following marketplaces:


France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Spain (ES)

Italy (IT)

Netherlands (NL)

Sweden (SE)

Poland (PL)

United States (US)

Canada (CA)

Mexico (MX)

ProfitProtectorPro is set up for instant repricing although of course it can take Amazon a few minutes to process the request.

Only ONE account is needed for European and USA accounts - we choose to spoil our clients and have included all marketplaces as standard.

Amazon’s repricing is built to get the best prices for the customers - ProfitProtectorPro is built to get the best prices for the sellers.

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SAVE £60 On Monthly Price!

1,000 AI Listings

All marketplaces

Instant repricing

Algorithmic AI & Rules Based repricing

Unlimited custom strategies

Up & down repricing

Night repricing mode

Buy Box Learning Technology

Auto min & max


Dedicated Android &
Apple iOS mobile app

On-page repricing
chrome extension

One click repricing

Bulk ROI settings

BuyBotPro integration

No setup fee

No contract

Grandfathered in price

Most Popular
£ 49.95 /mo

(plus VAT totalling £59.95 /mo)

Perfect for intermediate to advanced

14 Day Free Trial

SAVE £60 On Monthly Price!

5,000 AI Listings

All marketplaces

Instant repricing

Algorithmic AI & Rules Based repricing

Unlimited custom strategies

Up & down repricing

Night repricing mode

Buy Box Learning Technology

Auto min & max


Dedicated Android &
Apple iOS mobile app

On-page repricing
chrome extension

One click repricing

Bulk ROI settings

BuyBotPro integration

No setup fee

No contract

Grandfathered in price

£ 58.29 /mo

(plus VAT totalling £69.95 /mo)

Perfect for advanced professional sellers

14 Day Free Trial

SAVE £60 On Monthly Price!

10,000 AI Listings

All marketplaces

Instant repricing

Algorithmic AI & Rules Based repricing

Unlimited custom strategies

Up & down repricing

Night repricing mode

Buy Box Learning Technology

Auto min & max


Dedicated Android &
Apple iOS mobile app

On-page repricing
chrome extension

One click repricing

Bulk ROI settings

BuyBotPro integration

No setup fee

No contract

Grandfathered in price

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